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Cremes is a popular dessert in Romania, it’s a pudding like dessert. I decided to play with the recipe and place it in a bowl instead of the regular in hand method. I also added a little bit of cinnamon on top and a few crushed walnuts. Adjust recipes is really fun for me.

The Ingredients;

  1. Two Instant Pudding Boxes
  2. One box of Cool Whip
  3. Four cups of milk
  4. A few walnuts
  5. One packet of Puff Pastry sheets
  6. A drizzle of cinnamon


  • Create the pudding by following the packet directions -> add the milk in and mix with the pudding powder, then slowly add the whole box of whip creme in as well
  • Take the Puff Pastry sheets and bake them at 375 degrees until golden (25-35 minutes)
  • Assemble -> place 2 pastry squares in a bowl, add the pudding mixture, add a spoonful of whip creme
  • Details -> crush a few walnuts and add them on top and drizzle a tiny bit of cinnamon

Enjoy! And don’t forget to be creative and play with the recipe yourself because you never know what new recipe you’ll discover.


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“I love to create in every aspect, to be unique. Most of my recipes I don’t even measure as I’ve learned over time how to eyeball things and alter recipes to create new ones. Aside from being creative in the kitchen I also love scrapbooking, paper crafts, fishing, being in nature, and dreaming.

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