Crème & Sugar


Company Name: Crème & Sugar
Address: 6312 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim CA 92807
Business Hours: Monday – Closed // Tues, Wed , Thurs, and Sunday 9-9 // Friday and Sat 9-10
Background Story:
I have always grown up with the amazing passion for food and sweets I was totally obsessed with Disneyland when I was a kid so, my Grannie would take me every Sat or Sunday if I helped with chores. I grew up very spoiled as an only child lol. I also had my first job at 15 years old in a seafood restaurant and from there I pretty much hopped from job to job trying to find my passion in life but, I was always so disappointed when I went out places. I always wished I could have my own place so I could do it things the way I liked them. At the age of 23 I decided to become a cosmetologist so I could get a job at Disneyland doing hair and make-up. I guess I was trying to be creative somehow and I was super tired of being a server in a restaurant where I had no say in anything. After I got my license I applied at Disneyland and they put me in stores!!! I then was so desperate to get out of stores I stalked the managers at the Grand Californian Hotel and begged them to steal me away into their department. You know what they say squeaky wheel gets the oil =) Once I transferred into hotels in the cafe and the hotel lounge I found myself struggling once again. So one night I was eating Chinese with my now husband and when we broke into our fortune cookie I had this crazy idea that it would be awesome to have these dipped in chocolate! So I got on my phone and looked on etsy for chocolate covered fortunes cookies and there was one shop that was already doing my idea but, I thought I could do them better and much cuter so with the help of my mom and her genius expertise we opened up Lucky Girl Fortunes on esty and what do you know the custom fortune cookies were a hit so I left Disney and became and entrepreneur =) After dipping thousands and thousands of cookies I still wasn’t quite satisfied so once again with my moms help I started to pursue graphic design which I fought for years. My mom was a graphic designer back in the day and was always busy on the damn computer so I think I associated computers with being bored and my mom always being busy. Once I dipped in to graphics I became obsessed and stayed up all hours of the night on you tube learning and teach myself. I then opened up my second shop on etsy call My Silhouette Shoppe and once again that shop took off and started to support me pretty well along with doing the fortune cookies. Then we decided to take the fortune cookies to the farmers market, once we got in there (which was a total hassle and struggle) I over heard a little boy asking his dad where there shave ice stand was and surprisingly there wasn’t one! It was 95 degrees and so shave ice so with the help of my mom and dad I opened up an hawaiian shave ice stand which was very difficult at first but then became pretty awesome. From that point once again I was not satisfied. I was on my way to the local coffee stand and I was craving an espresso which was no where in site just regular coffee so i decided to pursue a coffee business along with the shave ice. after 1 year of making awesome espresso and cold brew coffee and 2 years of shave ice my family and I decided to take the leap and try and open up our own shop. Once again with my dad’s investment and my moms expertise in food management we finally did it! My own shop! We were on a very tight budget so luckily with the help on a family friend who was a contractor and my husband who was a painter and my mom who was the brain and myself the creative one we were able to create something pretty awesome! We went to antique auctions for most of our furniture and decor and I just framed the art that was mine and put that on the walls. Like my Grannie always said “a little bit of sweat and alittle bit of paint makes things seem what they aint” Once we opened our doors I to sell cake with our coffee and ice cream since you can’t find a decent slice of cake anywhere so, my mom said she would bake me a cake for the shop and since we had a cottage food license to bake from our home she did! Then once I knew that it was a hit i came up with the lavender cake to go with our signature white lavender latte and lavender ice cream and once we put out the lavender cake people went nuts! I went from making one cake to now averaging 8 to 10 cakes a day! Now I am overwhelmed lol I need more help or I just need 3 of me =) I never thought I would end up here making cakes. Now that I am making cakes full time I decided to embrace it and do the best with what God has blessed me with. I am always creating and coming up with new ideas and i am pretty sure that won’t ever stop =)
How & Why did you pick your Business Name?
I felt that Crème & Sugar was a good name to tie in coffee, ice cream and cakes =)
How You Are Different:
We are a very hands on family business with allot of passion. No cookie cutter here.
What is your best seller?
Our signature lavender and honey cake and sprinkle cake!
What are your future goals?
To eventually have a few stores.
Do you have seasonal items and when should we look for them?
We have seasonal cakes and lattes
Do you have a Secret Menu Item?
Orange cow and Lemon cow

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