Creative Of The Month: Brit Albin

Creative OF The Month:

-Brit Albin-

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1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you consider yourself a Creative.
I am a New Orleans based artist with a passion to encourage and help others find beauty in brokenness. With several decades of experience and a bachelor’s degree in studio art, my love for art began at an early age. Over the years I grew and developed as an artist. And with the encouragement and support of my friends and family, I’ve been ventured out to start my own art business.
I believe that every person has a story to share in that there are traces of grace throughout it. Even the messy parts and the parts we don’t want others to see can turn into a beautiful mended story that cannot be duplicated or ignored.

2) Who inspires you the most?
Jesus. Hands down the most inspiring life and legacy. Inspires my art and my life on a daily basis.

3) How do you find beauty in the broken?
One year ago I had an idea to help people identify and renew the definition of their own sense of brokenness, whatever that may be. My Mended series paintings are based on the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi in which a broken piece of pottery becomes mended with gold. They say that because the piece has been broken, it has a story, and that story makes it beautiful. My mission as an artist is not only to make beautiful paintings but to reflect God’s heart toward the broken and help people find the beauty within themselves, broken and all. We all have a sense of brokenness and I think it is a message everyone can relate to.

4) What is your most favorite project that you’ve ever worked on?
The Mended Series I am currently working on. I’m constantly amazed to hear what this series has meant for people.

5) What would be your biggest and wildest dream concerning your creative talent?
I use to have a fear of public speaking and sharing my gift. Now I just genuinely want to make a difference even if that means publicly sharing. I have a dream to continue to speak and present this series and others at events across the US and around the world in order to help people better understand who they are and I hope to start developing my first book in 2018!

6) Describe your perfect day.
I love so many moments but I adore dancing in the kitchen with hubs while listening to Jazz music and preparing a meal together. Fresh flowers placed around the house and the house is clean but I didn’t have to do it – lol! Also painting outside in the Spring when there is a slight breeze and cooler temperatures, taking breaks now and then to rest and swing in the hammock. Perfect.

7) If you had one tool for the rest of your life to express your creativity with, what would it be?
A pallet knife. I like that it is used to mold and sculpt. It’s reflective of the process we go through as humans and I love that I can use its every angle to do different things within a painting.

8) Do you listen to music while you create? If so, what type?
Yes! Depends on my mood and the mood of the painting but I love old school Jazz (Louie and Ella days). I also love Hillsong United and modern church music as well as some cinematic music that moves you emotionally!

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