Creative Of The Month: Amanda Estrada

Creative OF The Month:

-Amanda Estrada-

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you consider yourself a Creative.

I live in SoCal with my husband and baby boy, we have a home art studio where we both create. Becoming a mother has been the greatest fulfillment of my life and I love that I get to be a work from home momma. I’m a watercolor artist and I also have a background in photography and graphic design. I love watercolor because it can be controlled and yet be totally uncontrollable and yield surprisingly beautiful results. I’ve always been creative, art was my favorite subject growing up and I’ve never known a world in which I did not make things.

2. Who inspires you the most?


My husband inspires me, he is a talented artist and when I see him working with his brush or on the pottery wheel, I am very inspired to get to work myself.

3. What is your most favorite project that you’ve ever worked on?

It’s funny but after I finish a painting it becomes my favorite, but then I make another one and suddenly that one is the new favorite. There is just so much emotion that goes into each painting, the process is hard yet beautiful, that every new painting becomes my next favorite.

4. What would be your biggest and wildest dream concerning your creativity with, what would it be?

My modest dream is simply to be able to support my family through my art, and my wildest dream is to be able to support many other people in need through my art.

5. Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would start with getting a solid eight hours of sleep (something I miss since having my son) eating all my favorite meals without having to make them or clean up (#priorities) and spending hours and hours of uninterrupted time painting and exploring nature with my husband and son.


6. If you had one tool for the rest of your life to express your creativity with, what would it be?

I guess if I couldn’t have paints and paper and brushes, my camera is the next best thing for me to be able to express myself.

7. If you were a character in a book, who would you be and why?

Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia, to live in Narnia and meet Aslan

8. What do you find most inspiring in nature?


What inspires me about nature are the constant little surprises; the bright violet I might find in an unassuming flower, the lines and shapes on a leaf, or the way the rain leaves a pattern on the dry ground.


9. What tips would you give an inspiring painter?


Practice is the key to being successful at anything, painting included. There will undoubtedly be a lot of bad work before you get to the good stuff, keep making. Let yourself experiment and play, art can be taken too seriously sometimes.

10. What is your favorite art museum?


My favorite local museum is the Broad in LA, but in Ontario, where I’m from, there’s the Royal Ontario museum and it’s quite amazing.

11. What makes your heart beat? What do you really believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?

My faith, it might not be the most pc thing to talk about but I’d want everyone to experience the hope, comfort, and peace that I know. And I’d want them to know they are loved.

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