Creating an Inspiration Board 101

Surrounding oneself with inspiration is a beautiful way to spark creativity. We believe inspiration is necessary fuel for creative expression and love discovering exciting ways to capture it! From creating Pinterest boards to keeping a journal of quotes, there are countless ways to curate a collection of pieces sure to spark creativity. One of our favorite ways to curate inspiration is by building an inspiration board. Here are a few simple steps to make one of your own:

1. Collect!

Collect a variety of images, quotes, and memorabilia that hold special meaning to you. We recommend cutting out images from favorite magazines and printing photos from Pinterest boards. Greeting cards, concert tickets, and handwritten words of wisdom make wonderful additions for a personalized touch.

2. Identify a Theme

As you browse through your collection of inspiration, do you see a reoccurring theme? Maybe you’ve collected images surrounding a specific goal you have, or maybe there is a color scheme you’re drawn to. Building your inspiration board around a color scheme and/or theme will allow it to be visually cohesive and intentional.

3. Organize Your Content

Once you’ve compiled your inspirational content, begin organizing it according to size. Separate your largest pieces into one pile, medium pieces into another pile, and so on.

4. Build Your Backdrop

Using the largest pieces first, begin pinning content to your board. These larger pieces will compose the first layer of your inspiration board and create a backdrop for smaller pieces.
*Tip: A little pre-planning is helpful when designing your board. Try arranging larger pieces on a flat empty surface before pinning.

5. Layer & Accent

After you’ve pinned your largest pieces, begin pinning your medium and smaller pieces. Incorporate accents such as ribbons, clothing tags from your favorite stores, or even jewelry for an extra sparkle!

There you have it – a beautifully crafted inspiration board! This special collection of meaningful content will keep you excited and motivated to create a life you love. If you have an inspiration board, tag us in your Instagram pictures so we can see it!

Hayley Solano is a creative soul, singer-songwriter, and hopeless romantic from sunny California. She strives to celebrate the beauty of simple everyday moments, believes the words "once upon a time" are magical, and a cup of tea is the remedy to almost anything.

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