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Calling all Orange County based creatives! Are you looking a place to be inspired? A cozy place that offers coffee and literary inspiration? Check out Contra Coffee and the 1888 Center! It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of joe, sit back and relax as you write the next great American novel…or do something else equally impressive.

A while back, while on a stroll through old town Orange we stumbled upon Contra Coffee, a coffee shop located in the heart of the bustling little town. Just a block away from the Orange Circle, we were drawn in to Contra by the happy faces through the window sipping delicious looking cold brew, and the sprawling bookshelf lining the wall, boasting of new and old books alike. This was no ordinary coffee shop.

Connected to the coffee shop itself was 1888 Center, a bookshop and gallery devoted to sharing literary arts and promoting cultural heritage. The center publishes novellas throughout the year, providing a platform for local authors to get published and heard. This is a space for writers to come and be inspired. What we appreciated from this bookstore is that it provides a space for writers to get inspiration and assistance. With weekly writing events and workshops, the 1888 Center actively reaches out to writers in the community and bids them to come and grow together. Be sure to check out the 1888 Center’s website for a full calendar of all their upcoming events. They also offer a podcast about creativity, the writing process, and the hero’s journey. Check it out now!

Now, as far as the coffee goes, it was definitely worth the visit. They a serve nitro cold brew that’s the smoothest thing we’ve ever tasted and their tea that’s on tap is so refreshing. We’ve quickly decided that coffee on tap is the greatest idea in the history of forever. Their dirty horchata is also a winner.

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