Coachella 2017 Recap

Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals, and it marks the beginning of festival season! This year was my 3rd consecutive Coachella and boy, does it get better every year!

My group got in line for a camping spot at around 6am Thursday morning, and we waited for 6 hours until our entire group passed through security and we got to our spot in Lot 5. Our campsite was made up of 11 camping spots! We were in the perfect area because it was close to the festival entrance and we had showers with barely any lines! We spent most of Thursday setting up EZ-ups, tents, and the rest of our campsite, and then we explored the rest of the campgrounds and visited some friends at other campsites.

The festival began on Friday and there were so many great sets the entire weekend. There were a lot of hip hop and rap performances, so I made sure to see those! My favorite sets this year were Kehlani, Justice, Future, and Denzel Curry. I’ve been listening to a lot of Kehlani so I was most excited for her performance, and she was just as great as I had hoped! Justice was super fun because my friends and I were towards the back of the crowd, and we had space for some of us to dance around and the rest to sit down and chill. Future was crazy because he brought out Migos (#migochella) and Drake! Drake even performed one of his most recent songs Gyalchester, and my boyfriend and I were so happy! Denzel Curry was crazy! Literally there was a mosh pit every single song because everyone was just so into his songs. Thankfully, I was just at the edge of those mosh pits so I was close enough to record them but not actually be part of them.

Coachella is really all about the people you go with, and that’s why this year has been my favorite Coachella so far. I camped with everyone in our friend group (and we even got matching In-N-Out shirts!) and saw my best friend from high school and a lot of my friends from college. I can’t believe the weekend is already over, but now it’s time to look forward to Coachella 2018! xoxo, Kelly

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