Christmas Cookie Decorating Party


It’s officially Christmas season! Here at Grace Belle, we couldn’t be happier. To celebrate the holidays, our team gathered together to make some Christmas cookies, decorate them, and take some festive pictures. We partnered with our friends at The Created Co to use some of their adorable drinkware for our shoot. Here’s a look into our team Christmas party.


Although this shoot was in November, we were well prepared for the holiday season. We started off the morning by grabbing some coffee at Ark Coffee, loading our cars with all sorts of Christmas props and decorations, and headed off to one of our team member’s house. We played some classic Christmas tunes, set up Christmas lights, and danced around in Santa hats. Yes, we are Christmas fanatics.

Next, we brought out our cookies, which were shaped as little gingerbread men and trees. We decorated them with silver and gold icing- simple yet festive – and added baking pearls and sprinkles. We looked to Pinterest for our inspiration, but fell a tad short. Turns out, we got our hopes up as far as decorating beautiful masterpieces go, but that’s okay. The cookies turned out to be perfectly imperfect, and we had a blast making them- and eating them, and that’s all that matters.

Here at Grace Belle, one of our main passions is community, and we love to get together with our neighbors to fellowship and get to know one another. Keep up to date with #GraceBelleAdventures to see what our team is up to, and to perhaps join us on one of our own adventures. Also, be sure to check us out on Instagram.

I'm Sam; blog team lead, PNW native and recent film school graduate. I am a creative- or more specifically, a storyteller- which means lots of late nights thinking deep (or not so deep) thoughts and just trying to learn something new everyday- even if it seems monotonous or dull. I absolutely love old films and stupid puns- basically anything off the humor boards on Pinterest. More than that, I love people and am passionate about storytelling.

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