My Favorite Camera – Canon SL1

Once upon a time I switched from a Nikon D5000 camera to a Canon SL1 and my world was changed forever. 😉

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but I can easily say my photography quality has improved drastically when I switched to Canon. The colors come out so beautiful straight out of this camera, most of the times I don’t even need to edit the photos. I’ve been wanting to do this review because every single time I pull my camera out in public someone asks me about it. It’s the first white SLR camera and it’s the smallest and lightest SLR camera (aka called SL1).

When I had my nikon I would google ways to paint it white… It was silly but I wanted a white camera for a while annnd I wanted to switch to canon so it was perfect when they came out with this one.




Reasons I love it:

  • It takes amazing photos! I always set it in Manual mode, have my aperture at around f2.8, White Balance on auto OR I custom measure it (I believe white balance is one of the most important settings in a photo), and then the shutter speed depends on what I shoot. There’s a wheel next to the shutter button that you can spin to make the photo brighter or darker, this is sooo easy for any beginner to use.
  • It’s super light! I can use my 40mm lens and easily put it in my purse to have with me at all times. To be honest most of the time my camera strap feels heavier than my camera haha.
  • You can buy a wifi memory card and simply transfer photos straight from the camera to your phone!
  • It is an SLR camera so you’ll be able to shoot in Raw and edit photos in Lightroom. You can grow with this camera and learn more techniques.
  • It also films videos!
  • It’s white 😉




Photos I took with it:



Accessories I bought for it:



  • The Camera | Price $499 | Link |
  • 40mm Pancake Lens | Price $179 | Link |
  • Custom Camera Strap by Foto Strap (blush pink of course) | Price $93 | Link |
  • Wifi Memory Card | Price – ON SALE $44.95 | Link |


A few friends bought the camera after they saw me use it and they also love it! Here’s what they said:

“This camera is amazing! It’s perfect for beginners and is so easy to self teach yourself to use it. The pictures come out beautiful and require little to no editing.” – Laura M.

“It’s smaller than the leading Canon Rebels, so it’s perfect for traveling! :)” – Alyssa Y.

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  1. Ahh I wish this review came out before Black Friday!! I just purchased a white canon camera, but went for the m83. It’s a point and shoot with interchangeable lenses, so not quite a dslr but had I seen this baby, I would have totally gone for it!! I’ve never seen a white dslr!!! Well next time I’m ready to upgrade, I’ll keep this one in mind. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to play with my new toy. White cameras are gorgeous!

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