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The Creative persona is known for trying new things, pushing the boundaries, and expressing herself in new and exciting ways. She is all about sharing her craft with those around her, and is always learning different ways to shape her work. All of us can learn something from her. Namely, how to take risks and stretch ourselves creatively. We’ve found that being an artist can be so difficult because it means that at some point we have to share our work with others, especially if we’re not entirely pleased with the results, but that’s where our Creative persona comes in to guide us. For this blog series, we’re focusing on a bucket list for each persona. This is the perfect way to for all of us creatives out there to really challenge ourselves and to learn something new and share our work, with the hopes of ultimately establishing an edifying creative community.

Write a short story

This sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Short stories are a great way to flex your writing muscles and it’s not as much of a commitment as writing a novel. Most short stories are anywhere from 1,000 words to 10,000 words.

Share your story with one other person

In our opinion, this can be the most difficult part. Sharing your work with others, especially if you’re a novice, can be terrifying. However, part of emulating the Creative is channeling her confidence. Tell a friend about your short story and have them read it. You may be surprised.

Watch a foreign film

For years we haven’t been interested in foreign films because they can be difficult to understand. Once we got over the initial confusion, our eyes were opened to see how certain directors and actors from different countries are amazing storytellers – in ways we’ve never been exposed to. Now, some of your favorite films are foreign films.

Paint a watercolor scene of your favorite place

Grab some supplies from a friend or a local art supply store, sit, relax, and paint a scene of your favorite place on this earth. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fantastic artist, having a painting from your own perspective is something fresh and new. The perfect keepsake!

Visit an art museum

This is easy. Find a local art museum in your town and pay a visit. Inspiration can strike anywhere – why not an art museum? Check to see if there’s an exciting new exhibit.

Study one famous artist

Don’t view this as a school project. Find one artist – sculptor, poet, author, dancer, singer – that you admire. Read up on them and learn how they got to where they are today. There is no one way to success, but it can be hopeful and inspiring to learn how your creative idol came to fame and established a platform for their work. Also, we feature some of our favorite professional artists every month – our Creatives of the Month. Check out our interviews with them to be inspired!

Draw a self portrait

This sounds silly, and it may be very abstract, but this is a fun way to stretch yourself. Most of us have never done anything like this, so it’s a fun experiment.

Take a dance class

Find a form of dance that you’re interested in and take a class with a friend. Sometimes, depending on the type of dance, there can be community events that are free or cost a small price. For example, we’ve found that most cities host weekly swing dancing nights.

Create a website for your artwork

For those of you creatives out there that are seeking to share your work professionally, a website is essential. This bucket list is all about creating something new and sharing it with others. A website is the perfect platform for you to show off your skills and connect with fellow creatives.

Learn a new word every day

This is an easy way to broaden your vocabulary. Go online to dictionary.com. Every day they feature a new word. Learn it and try to incorporate it at least once in your conversation that day.

Do a color study

Learning about the different colors and what they mean and symbolize can be so inspiring. We’re all drawn to different colors and tones, and sometimes for a reason! Take an afternoon and learn a little bit about your favorite color and how to incorporate it more in your décor.

Paint your room a new color

This goes hand in hand with the color study. Find a color that brings you energy or relaxes you and paint your room that color. It provides a different perspective and adds a little flare to your room. If you want to get even more creative you can rearrange your furniture.


Create homemade gifts for your family and friends

Instead of buying gifts for your loved ones, create something personalized. Paint them a picture, write them a card, or knit them a scarf. Handmade gifts can be so special.

Visit a film festival

Now this one is a little more challenging. If there’s a film festival in your city, check it out. Most of the films screened aren’t films you normally see in the theater. A lot of them are independent and lower budget films. Check it out – you may be surprised.

Participate in Inktober

Inktober is a challenge to artists everywhere. You’re to create one drawing (or doodle) each day in the month of October. Even if you’re not a talented artist, this is a fun way to stretch yourself. You can share your work on social media and see who else has taken up the challenge.

Create a mood board

We’ve found that one of the best ways to get inspired is to compile things that motivate you -pictures, quotes, newspaper clippings – and to create a mood board. Put this up in your office or bedroom to inspire you.

Make your own DIY wall hanger

There’s so many DIY ideas on Pinterest – there’s no excuses! Wall hangers are a fun, personal touch to your living space, and they’re perfect to take pictures of, too! Here’s one of our favorite DIY wall hanging ideas that we posted about.

Try a new cuisine

Find a new restaurant in your area and check it out. Grab some friends and family and try a cuisine that you’ve never experienced before.

Create an inspiring playlist

Besides a mood board, a playlist is another great way to motivate yourself to work hard and create your best work. Compile a list of songs from your favorite artists and jam out while you draw, paint, and organize. We also have created a special playlist especially for the creative. You can find that here.

Read some poetry

We always thought poetry was something so abstract and unattainable because we were never really exposed to it growing up. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered how powerful and striking poetry can be. It’s such a different way to write and convey narrative. Check out a poetry book at your library and see for yourself!

That’s it! Try these challenges out for yourself and share your results. We’d love to hear from you! Tag us in your pictures – #TheGraceBelleCreative.

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