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This past Saturday we had our first event of the year annnd our first event that we hosted on our own! It was a Brunch & Worship event at Agape Church in Yorba Linda. We had a wonderful group of ladies attend and help out. We wished we could sit down for hours to get to know everyone more!


From the beginning of this event we knew our goal was to create a beautiful atmosphere in which we can be inspired to refocus our priorities on God. To learn to trust Him and rely on Him even when it doesn’t make sence. We heard amazing examples from the ladies at this event of how God taught them to rely on Him. From experiences in the mission field, to surviving under persecution, and of finding our identity & value in Him. We stood in awe hearing of His hands at work in these ladies lives. So many times it doesn’t make sence to us why we are in a situation yet later we can see the big picture of how God used that for His glory and for our sakes.

Behind The Scenes:

We want to just take a minute to explain what was happening behind the scenes. Initially we had this desire to create an event for women to be able to get together, enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, be inspired and rekindle a passion for Christ. We wanted do this. Here was the problem; we had no money, not sure who was going to come (we intended for 40 ladies total), and no speaker. We started out planning this fully relying that God will take control. We had to trust that He will make it happen and throughout the planning we’ve seen Him bring it all together better than we expected.


One example was with finding our Donut Vendors. We knew we wanted donuts there since it was a Sweetheart event and we only wanted to work with a donut shop we would recommend. We had two in mind and they both initially wanted to work with us but both fell through last minute. It was only days before the event and we still didn’t have a donut sponsor annnd we couldn’t find one that matched our brand or that we wanted to collaborate with. Then one night we found someone’s instagram photo with a heart donut and it was from Dunkin’ Donuts. Honestly we never looked at collaborating with bigger companies because we thought they won’t be willing to get involved with someone as new as our business. Defeated I drove over to the Santa Ana location with my ipad and showed them what we were planning. The manager was incredibly kind and stood there patiently listening and to my surprise he was on board right away. Not only that but he offered to make custom donuts for us and to research our brand to match the colors! I stood there in awe at their willingness to do this and joy to be involved.



Another quick example is with our table linens. For this we went to a wonderful party store I always recommend over in Anaheim. It’s called Party Party and it’s family owned. I went in and asked if we can get sponsored for maybe a small gift card to cover decoration expenses and the owner explained how they do not do this anymore. He explained how they would rather invest in things like parties for children in hospitals or things close to their heart. I respected that and was inspired by that but I did not expect what happened next. He just casually asked what we needed and I was explaining how we need table cloths and he offered to give us a discount. I was honored and told him I really appreciate it but we were down to $10 left in our budget and we couldn’t afford it but we would like to buy balloons. He took a moment and told me to go get the linens that they will donate them for our event since it’s a christian event. I started tearing up and stood there shocked. He did not ask for sponsorship but instead wanted to do something God called him to do. Wow what an incredible example of a company that can glorify God not necessarily through shouting they are christian but instead by their actions. It really inspires us to be the same way and we hope, God willing, that if we grow in the future we can have the financial ability to do this as well. (We also we short just a few table cloths and a friend I met on instagram donated the rest of them for us, we are beyond grateful).

The Event:



Here’s the itinerary that helps explain more of the flow of the event. We had so many wonderful women and companies involved in making it all happen. Here are our special guests that led the event though their talents and stories.


First we had worship led by Faith Shaw and it was beautiful… to hear a room full of ladies sing out to the Lord was so refreshing.

“Faith Shaw is a musician, writer, and artist based in the LA area. She has performed and recorded as a solo artist as well as with her band “Hello, Dear” She is always up to her neck in books and loves all things coffee.”


Next we had Arielle Estoria who came in during a song with a Spoken Word Poem that left us all in tears and driven to prioritize God above all else.

Born and raised in foggy Northern California, Arielle Estoria Leda Wilburn is a Spoken Word Artist, Blogger, Speaker and Creative Curator. The heartbeat behind her work is a diligent pursuit of instilling and reminding people of their worth through words. Her first poetry collaboration, Vagabonds and Zealots can be found on Amazon and is working on other creative projects coming Spring of 2016!”


After Arielle, Caitlyn Burns of Valued & Esteemed did the main message on Trusting God and shared her example of a time when she had to do so in another country.

“Caitlyn is a born and raised Southern California girl who loves Jesus, writing, traveling, friends and her large family. Her ministry, Valued and Esteemed, is all about showing women how valued and esteemed they are to Christ! It is to encourage you in your walk with Christ and help you grow in your faith”

After Caitlyn’s message on how to trust God, Alexis Atarian share her testimony of when she had to trust God in persecution.

“I’m a wife and mother from Orange County California, that is running after Jesus as I’m running after my boys! I want to encourage women to know God deeper, while also encouraging them in my wardrobe consulting to Work With What Ya Got!”



The Sponsors:

Wow we had so many amazing sponsors that got involved with this event and we are beyond thankful for each one of them.

Food & Drinks: 


1. Tea & Teacups: Website | Facebook | Yelp | Donated Sandwiches & Scones

“Tea and Teacups is a traditional English style tearoom serving Cornish pasties, finger sandwiches, savory quiches and creamy soups. The award winning scones [made from scratch] are served with preserves and whipped Devonshire cream. The desert menu includes many delectable choices created daily on the premises. The tea menu has been expanded to include over 150 loose leaf teas and sachets including teas imported from the world’s finest plantations.”

2. Grow Coffee + Tea: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Yelp | Donated Coffee

“Grow Coffee + Tea is an independent coffee shop owned by husband and wife: Jeff & Tammy Nadel.
With the company’s immense passion for service quality and people, Grow aims to serve the highest quality coffee and tea drinks matched with unparalleled service…the kind of service that goes beyond the dollar – the kind of service that includes positivity, passion and soul that can’t help but trickle into every drink made.”

3. Dunkin’ Donuts: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Yelp | Donated Custom Donuts

“Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s favorite every day, all day stop for coffee and baked goods. Our Dunkin’ Donut location is a market leader in the regular/decaf coffee, iced coffee, donut, bagel, and muffin categories.”




Products for Giveaway: We had a few giveaways from amazing sponsors

    1. Parris Chic Boutique: Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Founded in 2012, Parris Chic Boutique is our take on beautiful, meaningful handmade home and wedding décor. Pretty throw pillows, classic neutrals, and all things calligraphy are our specialties. Here at PCB we
strive to celebrate love daily and our hope is that with our products you too can do just that.”

parris chic boutique

2. Naptime Diaries: Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Naptime Diaries is a family owned and run professional print & design shop. Our mission is to write scripture creatively on the walls of your home and in your heart!”

naptime diaries


3. Forget Me Knots: Website | Instagram Coupon Code until February 20th is gb10 for 10% off

“Forget Me Knots uses handcrafted jewelry to remind women to live their truest identities. With each purchase, you receive two pieces; one to keep for yourself and one to give away to a significant woman in your life. Like the bows people used to tie around their fingers to serve a reminders, we hope that women will wear their knots and remember who they truly are.”


4. Tea & Teacups: Website | Facebook | Yelp

“Tea and Teacups is a traditional English style tearoom serving Cornish pasties, finger sandwiches, savory quiches and creamy soups. The award winning scones [made from scratch] are served with preserves and whipped Devonshire cream. The desert menu includes many delectable choices created daily on the premises. The tea menu has been expanded to include over 150 loose leaf teas and sachets including teas imported from the world’s finest plantations.”


5. Soul Honey Clothing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

soul honey

“Our mission at Soul Honey is to create quality clothing with a purpose. Each shirt has been carefully selected for style and comfort, and is printed with a quote from someone who has changed the world for the better. Whether it be about love, life, relationships or dreams, our hope is that the words on our clothing will be the ‘Honey’ for your ‘Soul’.”


Other Sponsors:

1. Scarlet & Gold Shop: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Donated Give Grace Tattoos for each attendee

“Scarlet & Gold is a lifestyle & gift brand seeking to fulfill our mission: Create. Give. Inspire. Our shop was born from the idea that life is too short not to adorn your walls with pretty things. We are a team of Jesus-loving women who enjoy using our creativity to serve others. Our goal is to serve our customers beyond their satisfaction by doing what we love. In the process, we hope to spread the message of Christ’s love by passing along the joy that He gives us every day.”


2. Valued & Esteemed: Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Valued & Esteemed started in October 2015. This ministry was born out of Caitlyn’s desire to encourage women in the Lord and to let them know they are valued and esteemed to Christ. The description behind both words have so much meaning behind them and they should hold great value in your life!”


3. Graceful Paper Shop: Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Graceful Paper is a paper goods shop that specializes in making paper flowers. Our mission is to reflect a part of God’s beautiful creation. We work with the individuals to create the best flowers for your event. “



Special Thanks to:

  1. Eunice & Diana who did all the calligraphy work for the event
  2. Sandra who helped with the setup and filmed the event
  3. Jacky who helped with the setup and welcomed guests
  4. Gemma from PartyStyleMagazine
  5. Benjamin from Party Party
  6. Becca for picking up all the food in the morning
  7. Anthony for helping us setup the day before
  8. Everyone else who helped out




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