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Our grâce belle blog is all about learning, growing and living intentionally. It is not about being perfect and doing it all without mistakes. It’s about reaching towards these 4 personas; the Creative, the Adventurer, the Sweetheart and the Fashionista. Today we’re sharing a lesson on the Sweetheart and learning to cook! Let’s be honest, it’s the 21 century and it is SO fast paced! It’s hard to have time to make something at home or even to learn how. Personally, I’m an entrepreneur and I work a part time job while working more than full-time on this brand, Mon – Sun 24/7. It is incredibly hard for me to pause (trust me, that’s a lesson I’ve learned lately) and overwhelming to plan my meals, go grocery shopping, find out how to make it and then do it.

A friend recommended Blue Apron to me and it is something I’ve considered before but never got around to it until she gave me a coupon to start. I am a visual person (working in social media and marketing tends to do that) and I was blown away by the branding of Blue Apron. Everything from the packaging to the beautiful recipe cards, to their app. Everything is simple, beautiful, and easy to read!


Blue Apron has a few different plans out there but I chose the 3 meals a week, for 2 and divided those meals to spread them out throughout the week. My first one was a Smoky Pork Burger with potatoes and it was one of the best things I ever ate! The flavor with everything together was SO simple and SOOO GOOD! You can easily tell everything was fresh and high quality. I even loved the broccoli (I never thought I would like broccoli)!


Here’s a snippet of behind the scenes;

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