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In the past couple of years I have worked as an Entrepreneur & a Social Media Manager. Although I have a small office at home, working long hours calls for a change of scene. Due to my love for community, I started working out of different coffee shops and making friends along the way. My true office has been on the go wherever I have my laptop and phone. I am stoked to have this Birksun Backpack that pulls it all together.

The backpack has a solar panel which charges a built in charger within the first pocket. Imagine never having to worry about charging your phone while on the go! It is a GAME CHANGER for girl bosses like you who need all the battery you can get! 🙂 The gold zippers and sleek black details are not too bad either 😉

The backpack also has a second pocket in the back which can fit your 13 inch laptop perfectly. It even has padding in the back to protect your laptop. This truly makes the best backpack for day to day and for travel!

These are the 10 items I almost always have in my backpack;

  1. Notepad & pen (usually find these at the Target Dollar Section)
  2. Screen Protection Glasses from Eye Buy Direct that protect your eyes from long hours in front of computer screens (use our $10 off coupon IFVTYZAYPK)
  3. iPad
  4. Laptop (the 13 inch one fits perfectly in the backpack sleeve)
  5. My go to camera – Canon G7x (I highly recommend this for your first camera, I use it all the time in traveling too).
  6. Headphones – I always keep mine in the original box
  7. External Hard Drive – This was a hard lesson for us at grace belle, we finalllly learned we need to back everything up. Cannot stress this enough, back everything up! 🙂
  8. iPhone cable
  9. iPhone which I work on most hours of the day – hence why I’m stoked to be able to charge it by my backpack 🙂
  10. Business Card Holder which I got from


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