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Belong Magazine

We are so honored to be featured in Belong Magazine in their second issue! We love the mission of Belong Magazine and Brooke’s heart for bringing women together.

Belong Magazine

We met Brooke after we connected over instagram and we were so inspired by her. She took something she was passionate about and made it happen despite all the challenges. When we first saw the magazine it was hard to believe this was a one woman team! Brooke made it all happen and reached out to the right people to collaborate with.  How incredible is that?!

Belong Magazine

We are honored to be in this magazine along with all these inspiring women! We’d love to list them all for you to check them out;

(in order)

@MakeItBlissful | @DeluxeModern | @Crystalstine | @Parscaeli | @Alishylishy | @Violettinder

@JessCreatives | @CarrieGraceShop | @Camille_Paterson | @TheHipsterHousewife | @gracebelle

@BlacktieAndBarefoot |@K.Occasions | @SaraMMoore | @ThePleatedPoppy | @MkMinnis_GHL


Belong Magazine

Our feature was unique in the fact that Brooke found 4 real life personas to represent our Creative, Adventurer, Sweetheart and Fashionista who were photographed by the talented Sabrina Hill for this collaboration.


the creative

T h e  C r e a t i v e

Sienne Mascarenas Diaz : Website | Instagram | Facebook


the sweetheart

T h e  S w e e t h e a r t

Jomana Siddiqui : Website | Instagram | Facebook



T h e  A d v e n t u r e r

Megan McDuffie : Website | Instagram | Facebook



T h e  F a s h i o n i s t a

Nike Ojekunle : Website | Instagram | Facebook


Belong Magazine

How amazing are these ladies? The photos captured by Sabrina Hill is exactly what we imagined for Grace Belle.

Want to know which persona you are? Take the quiz here or read about the four personas here. Once you find who you relate most to have some fun participating in the community on instagram by using the hashtags; #IAmThe____ [Creative/Adventurer/Sweetheart/Fashionista].

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