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Recently, I have been thinking about the dichotomy between beauty and brains. New to the blogging scene, I have come to realize that there is often a pre notion that having an interest in fashion means one is likely not educated, intelligent or ‘serious.’ This stigmatizing view couldn’t be further from the truth as beauty and brains can indeed co-exist.

Those of us who are interested in the fashion and beauty industry are more complex than the shoes we wear or what we choose to watch on Netflix. Like all women, we are multi-dimensional and should not be undermined or underestimated. There are many different types of intelligence, including musical, interpersonal and logical-mathematical. Researchers continue to disagree about the most accurate way to measure intelligence, therefore, the belief that we can be pinpoint who is intelligent and who isn’t based on interests is not only ridiculous it’s inaccurate. The main problem with this perception is that those who are victim to such stigmatizing views may feel discouraged to pursue true interests and talents for fear of being taken less seriously or their intelligence be questioned.

The question remains, why does having certain interests (ex: fashion and beauty) result in a specific perception from others? How do we as fashionistas help initiate change regarding these stigmatizing views?

Although I am short of solutions, I have attempted to get my head around this false idea that beauty and brains are two separate entities. People will judge you, people will make first impressions and people will have preconceived notions regarding your intelligence and ‘seriousness’ based on the way you dress, the field you work in or the interests you engage in during your spare time….. but that truly isn’t your problem. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar global enterprise; those who don’t appreciate the brains behind such fortune would be uninformed.

We fashionistas should continue down our own creative paths remembering that beauty and brains can co-exist and that our interests do not need to minimize our intellect!



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Blare June is a lifestyle blogger from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What makes Blare June’s blog unique is that in addition to fashion she writes about mental illness, empowerment, and overall wellness. When Blare June isn’t blogging, she is working as a physician specializing in psychiatry in Halifax. You can find Blare June online at, or on Instagram or Pinterest at @blarejune.

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