Adventurer of the Month: Yunah Lee

Adventurer of the Month

-Yunah Lee-

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1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. We want to get to know you!

Hello! I’m just your average 24 year old trying to pursue what makes me happy! I enjoy photography, traveling, discovering new places to eat, watching movies, and spending time with my family & friends! You know, the little joys in life. I  graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree in molecular cellular biology and will be heading off to physician assistant school this May. My faith, dreams, and people close to me motivate me everyday and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that has happened in my life! I would say I’m pretty independent, purpose-driven, open, and optimistic. 🙂

2) We love seeing photos of your adventures. How did it all start for you?

I started taking pictures as a hobby in high school and my first big investment was in a DSLR. From there, I took pictures of everything in sight! I love looking back at all the memories and experiences of the past and reminiscing, so every time I did/saw something worth remembering, I started to capture the moment so the pictures could bring all of those memories back. Usually the memories worth remembering are of all the places that I’ve set my foot in and the people I’ve spent my time with so I started documenting everything!

3) Do you have a favorite trip? And if so, what makes it so special?

This is such a hard question because there are so many trips to choose from and there are so many memories embedded in each of them! One trip that comes to mind is the time where a bunch of friends and I (12 people total) took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was special because it was the first time I’ve ever taken a trip with so many of my friends, especially outside of the country. Traveling and planning for 12 people is not an easy task but it was definitely so worth it! We zip lined through the jungle, relaxed at the beach, and even held a whale shark! I think that trip also made some of my friends catch the traveling bug since it was the first big trip for many of them. Also, that trip was during the winter break of our senior year in college so the trip served as the last hurrah before we all graduated and pursued our future careers!


4) You capture the world so beautifully. Do you have any tips on taking and editing photos?

Aww that’s seriously so sweet, thank you! I think that you should take any photos that make you happy! There aren’t specific rules on how to take and edit pictures, in my opinion, since everyone has different talents and styles to showcase. I take pictures of so many different subjects – landscape, nature, food, people, spaces, etc – whatever looks aesthetically pleasing in my eyes. However, one tip on taking photos would be LIGHTING! Lighting seriously makes or breaks your photos! I definitely recommend taking pictures under the natural sunlight. An editing tip I have is to keep it natural-looking. You can use multiple filters but still keep the photos looking natural. Personally, I like adjusting the brightness, shadows, temperature and using some awesome VSCO filters.

5) What was the first trip you took?

Honestly, I’ve been to so many cities and countries ever since I was an infant – even lived in several different countries. I think my parents passed down their wanderlust genes down to me! The first trip I took without them though, is the one to Italy. I had the coolest teachers during my senior year of high school – the two AP World History teachers at my high school take a group of students to a different country every year and I decided that I wanted to go! I went to the major cities in Italy like Rome, Venice, and Florence with minor stops to other cities and it was so amazing!

6) What have you learned along the way, as you’ve explored different places?

I learned so many different lessons while exploring different places and interacting with diverse groups of people! One of the lessons I’ve learned for myself is that investing in an experience is worth so much more than material goods. Traveling definitely allowed me to be more open-minded and educated about different perspectives in life. It also helped me admire and treasure this world more – there’s just so much beauty to see in this world.  I remember thinking one day about how crazy it is that we may all in different parts of the world but we are able to see and experience the same beautiful things in life such as watching the sunset or stargazing. Another important lesson I gained through traveling is the appreciation for a simple life. So many of us are consumed by what we want next (whether that be materialistic or other goals in life), but there are so many people, especially in different countries, who are so happy and appreciative of things that they already have: family, friends, support, health, love, etc. That is so admirable and I was inspired to appreciate those things more! Exploring different places and encountering people have helped me grow and mature as a person.

 7) Do you collect any souvenirs from the places you visit?

I used to collect little keychains but ran out of bags and keys to attach them to! Plus, I move quite often, so not only do I travel light, but I don’t enjoy buying more things I have to pack. Instead, I collect pictures and video footages! That is why I started my blog, a place where I can look back on all the pictures & memories at one place. I also like to compile video footages and make vlogs!

8) What makes your heart beat? What do you really believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?

Something that I really believe in and want to share with others is that wherever you are & whatever you’re doing right now, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. With so many choices that we have in this world, sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions and wonder if we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing. As a Christian, I firmly believe that there is plan for each and every person and that everything will unfold as it’s supposed to! I’ve learned this the past year where I had to learn to trust that I’m on the right track even though I was rejected from several grad schools. Just because things didn’t work out the way you planned definitely does not mean that you aren’t on the right track or that you’re a failure. Stop comparing yourself to where everyone else is or what they’re doing and learn to grow from your own experience. Trust that there is a perfect and a greater plan for you out there and really enjoy the journey instead of focusing so much on the destination! I promise that you won’t regret it!

9) Where do you plan on going next? Any trips in the making?I am actually planning on taking one more big trip before starting PA school! In the month of May, I’ll be traveling to Seattle, Portland, and Maui. I am so beyond excited to explore all of these places since I have never been to any of these beautiful cities. I’m really looking forward to indulging in all of the delicious food and immersing myself in nature since the west coast has the best mountains and scenery! I seriously cannot wait!

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