Adventurer of the Month: Bailey Livingston

Adventurer OF The Month:

-Bailey Livingston-

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1. Tell us a little about yourself. We want to get to know you!

My name is Bailey Livingston and I am from Utah! I recently graduated with my degree in Marketing from Utah State University and now work as a photographer!

2. We love seeing photos of your adventures. How did it all start for you?

My love for photography started with marketing jobs. I was taking photos of product and creating content for companies, and I realized how much I enjoyed it! My husband has quite an adventurous spirit, and brings out the travel bug in me! So we are always finding new adventures, and I can’t help but capture all of my favorite moments along the way.

3. What is your most memorable trip? What made it so special?

One of my most memorable trips was to Southeast Asia. It was the first time I had really left the United States, and their culture is so different from ours that it was an amazing learning experience. I was able to try new foods, interact with many different people, ride elephants, explore cities, and so much more. I loved every second of it!

4. You capture the world so beautifully. Do you have any tips on taking and editing photos?

Take pictures of anything and everything that inspires you! Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones that are perfectly planned or technically “right”, they’re the ones that mean the most to you and really capture a moment you want to hold onto forever. I love editing my photos in Lightroom. I think it’s important to have high quality images to look back on.

5. What essential can you not travel without?

I always bring along a portable charger, favorite books and podcasts, my cute husband, and my camera!

6. What have you learned along the way, as you’ve explored different places?

My favorite thing about exploring a new place and experiencing a new culture is just that it broadens my understanding of the world. It’s so fun to see how people live in different parts of the world and how their beliefs and values may differ from my own. It’s valuable to recognize how these differences make us all unique, and I feel like it helps me feel more gratitude for the life that I live while respecting others as well.

7. Do you collect any souvenirs from the places you visit?

I do! I collect rings from the places that I visit.

8. What makes your heart beat? What do you really believe in, stand for, and want to tell others about?

I really believe that everyone is unique in  a beautiful and incredible way. Our differences are what allow us to make an impact on the world that nobody else can, so sharing our talents and strengths with the world can have even greater effects than we may realize!

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