A La Minute

A La Minute

Name: à la minute

Address: 108 N Glassel Street Orange, CA  92866

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Background Story: Owners Ryan & Cassandra Berk.  Ryan Berk began working in the culinary industry at a young age and was always interested in where and how his food was grown.  Later in life he found himself frustrated with the lack of connection to the food he was preparing in a corporate setting.  He decided to open something with his wife, Cassandra, where they could make connections with local farmers and purveyors while sharing that experience with the local community.  They both felt that ice cream was a great way to do this.  Today Ryan creates the flavors and manages the kitchen and staff while Cassandra handles the business end of things.


How You Are Different: We pride ourselves in working locally and using the best ingredients possible.  We do our best to source ingredients within a 25 mile radius from each of our shops.  Working locally has allowed us to create amazing friends, produce a great product for our customers and helps boost the local economy.

We also sell chocolate bars in each of our 3 ice cream shops made by our sister company, Parliament Chocolate.  Parliament Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate company located in Redlands, CA.  All the chocolate as well as the caramel we use in our ice cream is made by Parliament.


What is your signature item, most popular flavor? Salted Caramel! Our customers order more salted caramel than all of our other flavors combined.


Do you have more than one location? Yes, we have 3 locations.  Our first location is in Redlands (19 E. Citrus Ave. #105, Redlands, CA 92373), Orange was our second location and our third location is in Claremont Packing House (532 W. 1st Street Claremont)

Our Experience: What a cute little place! We have passed this ice cream shop a few times at the Orange Circle but never was able to go in until today. We were so delighted by the kindness of the owner and the employees. It seemed really busy (apparently that’s their slow time) and yet the employees still took time to smile at the customers and make little kids laugh. That takes a great deal of patience and passion for what you are doing and it shows their employees love being part of the company. On another note the location is beautifully designed with details of companies they source from throughout. The ice cream flavors are unique, one we tried was called Beat & Goat Cheese! What? Right?! But it was surprisingly delicious! Our favorites were the Salted Caramel & the Orange Honey. They also have really good Affogato! Overall we highly recommend you to try them out. 🙂

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