Having Faith in Uncertainty


I often think I know what’s best for me. Then something goes awry, and I am reminded of how finite my mind is. I can make as many plans, goals, or pro and con lists as I want, but that does not mean my plan will come to fruition.

We get discouraged when our plans, both big and small, don’t work out. We question why something that felt so right, so sure, fell through the cracks. At the end of the day, nothing is a sure thing. That can either make us feel shaken or it can relieve the pressure we put on ourselves to have it all figured out.

I am currently in the post-grad season of life. Friends of mine have found jobs they love, and I am still searching, applying, and praying for that door to open for me. In the meantime, doors have opened and then slammed shut. A job that felt like a sure thing didn’t work out, and I was crushed. I was struggling with feeling left behind, like God had forgotten about me in His master plan. I had lost faith that things were going to work out in the end.
That was when He started showing me some truth.

He is always working. I don’t know why this wasn’t clear to me before. Probably because I was filling my mind with worry and convincing myself I had to handle this season on my own. This whirlwind of seeking God’s guidance brought me closer to Him than I’ve been in years. He is always working in your life, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Each “thanks for applying, but we hired someone else” e-mail I got later came with confirmation that that job wasn’t as perfect for me as I thought. God was giving me peace, reassuring me He had my back.

Whatever you are going through or searching for right now, remember that He is working everything together for your good (Romans 8:28). It might take months, years, or a few seconds. We never know. It might be the hardest, scariest thing you’ve had to go through. He knows what it is and He won’t leave you. He’s waiting to hold your hand and guide you through the darkness and uncertainty.

While you are still lost and confused, I encourage you to rejoice with others that seem to have life figured out. Celebrate your friend’s new job, engagement, etc. Their gift might be the very thing you’re longing for, and it’s easy to hold that against them. Keep your hands open to receive that gift while also sharing in the joy of those that have already received it. Believe God knows what is best and that He will lead you to an abundant life.

Abby graduated with a degree in Journalism. She was born and raised in Tennessee and contributes this to her love of the outdoors, music, and good food. When she isn't writing, creating, or plotting road trips she is probably curled up with a good book.

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