5 Reasons Why Portugal Should be on Your Bucket List

5 Reasons Why Portugal Should be on Your Bucket List

Traveling abroad is becoming more and more common for young people. The availability of travel-related information and the over-abundance of travel inspiration on social media has made it possible for the younger generation to embrace their wanderlust and set off on adventures around the world. A lot of people begin their travels in Europe, and for good reason. Europe offers travelers the opportunity to experience multiple cultures simply by crossing over the border. The history, art and natural beauty is captivating, to say the least.

Unfortunately, even though Portugal is one of the most beautiful European countries, it is often overlooked when planning an itinerary. For whatever reason, this small country is like the forgotten child of Europe. If you’re considering a trip abroad, here are five reasons why Portugal should be on the top of your list.



1. Natural beauty

Whether you’re on the beaches of the Algarve or the vineyards of the Duoro wine region, natural beauty abounds. This is one of the many reasons why Portugal has a little something for everyone. If you enjoy the beach life, head to Lagos and enjoy some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Or, if you’re more of a hiker, head to Pendea-Geres National Park in the north for a mountain escape. Even in the capital city of Lisbon, you will still find beautiful parks and ancient neighborhoods that will have your head spinning in every which direction.

2. The coffee culture

The Portuguese take their coffee tradition very seriously. Contrary to the American ritual of drinking coffee only in the morning, the Portuguese enjoy their “cafe” through out the entire day. Consequently, there are countless shops around each and every corner. Due to the magical climate in Portugal, most shops offer outdoor seating all the time, which makes for the perfect people watching spot.

Recommendation: Order a cafe com leite (coffee with milk) and a pastel de nata (traditional Portuguese tart)

3. Affordability

Compared to it’s European neighbors, Portugal is very affordable. Here are average costs for various travel-related expenses:

Airbnb – €35/night

Lunch – €5-8

Dinner – €8-12

Coffee – €1-2

4. The food

Any seafood fanatics out there? If so, Portugal is calling your name. A good portion of Portugal is located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, which means fresh seafood is readily available for every meal, if your heart desires. Each meal is full of flavor and carefully curated by chefs who care about delivering a quality product.

Insider Tip: Lisbon is known for their sea bass while Porto is known for octopus

5. The culture

Deeply engrained in the Portuguese way of life are cultural traditions dating back hundreds of years. One specific cultural tradition is Fado. This musical genre was born in Lisbon in the early 1800’s and has continued to flourish over time. Today, Fado shows are often combined with dinner at restaurants across the country, especially in Lisbon.

Another aspect of Portuguese culture that can’t be missed is the easy-going nature of most locals. Similar to Spanish ways of life, the Portuguese like to enjoy the little things in life and are in no rush to hurry through their daily lives. Coming from a culture that is always looking forward to the next thing, this slower pace is incredibly refreshing.

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