Top 5 Coffee Shops in Portland

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

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If you know anything about the Portland coffee scene, you know that Stumptown is an essential. It’s that lucky horseshoe stamp printed on plastic coffeeshops, carried around by Portlanders throughout the reaches of the city. With coffee shops allover the Portland Metro area (and beyond), it’s plain to see that this place is something special, something very integral to the city itself. Stumptown has easily become part of the city’s DNA – its heartbeat. In every Stumptown location you’ll find a bright atmosphere, delicious brewed goodness, and ample workspace to tackle your to-do list.

Drink to order: Woodblock Mocha 





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Another Portland staple, Barista offers a rich atmosphere of glitzy leather booths and a deep wooden interior. Everything about this coffee shop is polished and beautiful, transporting you back to a sleek early 1900’s social club, and when you slide into your leather booth and take a sip of your Oregon Hazelnut Latte, you might as well be. Although their menu is on the smaller side, the drinks that they do offer are beautifully made, taste divine and wonderfully showcase local Portland flavors.

Drink to order: Oregon Hazelnut Latte




Good Coffee

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Most likely, you’ve been acquainted with Good Coffee before without you even realizing it. The cheery word encompassing the entire coffee empire –  “GOOD” – displayed on the tiled floor has popped up in our Instagram Discover page on numerous occasions. As we greet the happy tiled floor and we cross the shop’s threshold, we can’t help but smile, because “good” is exactly what’s in store. It’s a bright, open aired coffee shop with potted succulents on every table. Be sure to visit one of their locations and take an iconic photo, featuring your drink and their floor.

Drink to buy: Chai Latte




Kainos Coffee

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“That wall!” is what the baristas at Kainos have become accustomed to hearing on a regular basis. But it’s true – the brightly colored, geometric mural displayed in their shop is a visual marvel. It’s the grand focal point that has defined the business and has provided a photo spot for all of us photographers with hungry eyes. Besides the wall, it’s a cozy shop with a friendly staff and a menu filled with drinks made with intention. What else is great about this coffee shop? This coffee shop loves people by giving 21% of their profits to support Filipino children in need through Life Child Asia Foundation.

Drink(s) to buy: Bourbon Maple Latte and/or Dripp Guatemalan Blend




Coava Coffee Roasters

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If you’re like us, you like lots of space at your favorite coffee shop to sprawl out and get work done. Coava is one of our favorites for this exact reason. Not only is this a central location, but its two story structure has tables and tables and tables for your choosing. Also, the north facing wall of the cafe is a giant picture depicting a misty forest. What better atmosphere to sip some drip coffee under than a foggy, PNW certified forest? Not to mention the coffee, which is delicious.

Drink to buy: Honey Latte (hot or iced – either way it’s bomb)

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