4 Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start in 2017

1) Love Yourself

That’s right- you deserve to give yourself all those warm, fuzzy feelies this holiday has to offer. Before you get swept up in the high demands of February 14th, carve out some necessary “you-time”! Note: excessive pampering is required! Read a book, take a bubble bath, read a book IN the bubble bath (and maybe even add some candles and a glass of wine). Buy yourself that thing you’ve been pining over, finally make that one D.I.Y. face mask you pinned three months ago, bake a cake and eat it, too. This day is about you, too, girlfriend.

2) Love Your Family

Why not extend Saint Valentine’s love to the people who loved you first? No, it’s not enough to try to express your appreciation and gratitude for all that they have done to you in one, generic Facebook post. Actually pick up a phone and call Mom, take the time to go grab lunch with Dad, or send a quick (but personal) “thinking of you” text to your childhood mentor. Heck, while you’re sending “thinking of you”s, you might as well go pick up a box of cards at your local convenience store. I’m sure it would melt Aunt Susie’s heart to get a little pink envelope with her name on it. I mean, who doesn’t love snail mail?

3) Love Your Soul Sisters

How can we forget about them? Our soul sisters deserve as much love as our soulmates! Okay, maybe your significant other can have Valentines day, but you and your girls can join Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec, and host a “Galentines Day” celebration on February 13th! Whether your posse is partial to a G.N.O or a wine/cookie dough/chick-flick kind of night, find some time to spread the love. Wanna do something new? Sign up for a class together, go for a hike at a nearby state park, or book a spa day!

4) Love Your Neighbors

Let the spirit of love carry over and create some good karma in the world. You don’t have to do anything too fancy— maybe donate the price of a dinner date to your favorite charity, make plans to volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or hand out roses to the folks at a retirement home. Remember those who need it, and show them a little love this Valentine’s season!

You’re ready to do a lot o’ lovin’ this Valentine’s day, but don’t forget to let others love you, too! Accept the kindness of your loved ones— whoever they may be— and let them fill your heart as you fill theirs’.

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Hi there! My name is Radiance, and I am the health and wellness enthusiast behind Rainmaking, a conscious living community. I absolutely adore all things yoga, food, self-love, and travel! Let’s journey together(:

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