3 Reasons Creatives Love Dubsado

Whether you’re the creative, the adventurer, the sweetheart of the fashionista, balancing work and fun can get tricky quick. You could be trying to balance your social media presence, with your freelance work, with several websites and services keeping it all together.

It can get overwhelming and stressful, trying to stay on top of everything and also put your best foot forward with the different services or skills you offer. Social media management, photography, blogging, web /graphic design, calligraphy and who knows!

What if there was just one simple, beautiful and customizable place to run everything? What if it could manage your business…all your business and run it for you, exactly the way you want?

Client Management Made Simple

Dubsado is a client management system built by creatives, for creatives. We’ve been the freelancer, struggling to stay on top of all the communications, job dates, contracts, lead managing, proposal creation, payment managing, bookkeeping and who knows what else?

You became a freelancer or business owner so that you can spend your time doing what you love, not the paperwork. Not only does Dubsado offer you the ability to run your entire business in one place, it also has the capability of automating your entire process.

We created Dubsado with the goal of giving creatives back their most precious resource: time.

Your Work is Stunning; Your Client Management System Should Match

From our Instagram accounts to what we give our clients, presentation is key so why would our client management systems be anything less?

Dubsado gives you the ability to create forms, contracts, questionnaires, proposals easily, with our simple drag and drop form creator! Already have a beautifully designed PDF you sent your clients? Just screenshot it and upload it into our system seamlessly! Don’t know exactly how to structure a contract for your industry? Take advantage of our FREE template library and build off of that!

You aren’t the only one who gets in on the fun though! In Dubsado, each of your clients or jobs receives a client portal that contains everything ever exchanged between you. No more tracking down lost details. With Dubsado’s client portal, you see if and when your client has opened your communications all in one professional looking location!

Blow your clients away with a seamless process!

Affordable, Quality, Client Management

Not only is Dubsado one of the most affordable Client Management Systems out there, you also can factor in the savings you experience once you realize you can cut out multiple other services with everything consolidated into one!

If you have other services that you can’t live without, don’t worry! We integrate with Zapier, Google Calendars, PayPal, Square and Stripe with Quickbooks integration and Trello like to do boards on the way!

Not only are you getting the service for a great price, but you also get access to the amazing Dubsado community page. There, you can find thousands of users collaborating, sharing tips and free resources for our community!

From guest blogs and webinars, to live walk throughs with our team or even our cofounder Becca Berg, everything you need can be found in our help centers or Dubsado community page!


Client Management For You

There is an easier way to do freelance and business. Dubsado has become so much more than a product to users; it’s a family of creatives and entrepreneurs gaining their freedom back.

You don’t have to let the realities of business steal the joy of your work. We cherish the fact that our community has become family. Whether it’s our incredible customer service team working with you, or our co founders themselves giving you a voice in what we do next, we are constantly rolling out new features and improving ourselves thanks to you!

Come be a part of it! With a free, no time limit trial, you can set everything up in Dubsado and take 3 clients through the entire process, no time limits! You can get 20% off your first month or year if you sign up using the code “gracebelle“! We hope to see you soon!


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Alexander Tutungi is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, currently serving as Business Development and Social Media Manager at Dubsado! He enjoys collaborating with and empowering the creative/freelance community! He is always happy to chat or grab coffee with amazing people around the Los Angeles area!

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