GRÂCE BELLE IS A LIFESTYLE Brand THAT REVOLVES AROUND 4 PERSONAS: the Creative, the Adventurer, the Sweetheart and the Fashionista
About Our Website

We are a lifestyle blog that revolves around 4 personas; the Creative, the Adventurer, the Sweetheart and the Fashionista

We started because we were tired of seeing people overwork themselves and get caught in daily routines only to realize their life is quickly passing away. Instead we want to inspire people to be intentional with their time. To be creative and try new things, to take random roadtrips or explore the treasures of your own city, to gathering with friends and family and to be brave to follow their hearts in entrepreneur dreams. We want to break the cycle of doing life and instead we want to LIVE life and BEAUTIFULLY, the way it was intended.

Our focus is on community. We love connecting with one another, working together, discovering new places together and ultimately inspiring one another in life. Although this starts locally with our Events and Discover Your City series we also want to grow our community online as well. Currently we do that by connecting with others for blog posts and RECENTLY we just launced an online forum!

Four Components To Our Brand
want to submit a story let us know :) stories from wonderful women. If you Our blog is beautifully curated with The Blog
Sweetheart, and the Fashionista. for the Creative, the Adventurer, the Shop by categories for each persona: Marketplace
and landmarks that we love in OC & LA. mapped out all the coffee shops, stores, Not sure what do to today? Well we DYC: OC & LA
detail oriented, and full of laughter! Pinterest-looking events; very creative, We want our events to be known as the Events

We want our blog to be an inspiration, a place to learn, a place to connect, to discover, annnd to be creative. We are a community based blog where many ladies come in and write on a specific topic, usually what’s close to their hearts. If there’s something you’d like to write about let us know or submit a blog post here

Our marketplace is fun in that it’s organized by the 4 personas. You can shop based on those categories for products curated specifically to what that persona would love! This makes it easy to shop for yourself or a friend. Our products are also special in that we curate them from small shops. We love supporting small businesses and giving them a place to shine.

This series is basically us mapping out the local places to visit in OC & LA. We not only share photos of the food or products, inside and outside of the restaurant or store, but we also do interviews with the owners. It’s a fun inside scoop on the places we love. Make sure to check it out if you’re not sure what to do this weekend. GraceBelleExplores

We LOVE hosting events! To reach out to different vendors and companies, to find the perfect place, to decorating with photography in mind. ALL of it! Then to see the ladies come in and running around taking photos for their instagram is such joy to us. But our most favorite part of these is the community that comes from it.